Friday, 29 March 2013

Hot Cross buns and a new book

Yesterday evening I made some Hot Cross buns, using a new recipe that had choc chips in the ingredients.

I didn't put the usual crosses on the buns, but cut a cross in each using a knife. I heated them up this morning, and they were really tasty, slathered with some sweet farm butter that I had bought.
 My friend Laverne called round, and gave me this stunning book:

Have a look at some of the wonderful, colourful patterns:

It's some time since I did any knitting, being hooked in crochet, but these are inspirational.

I love this cushion, and have been wondering of I could convert the pattern to  a crochet design.

These diagonal stripes are just stunning.

This is a book to treasure, and to bring out every now and again just to look at the fabulous pictures.


  1. thank you for the very yummy hotcross buns :o)
    that book is stunning! you lucky lucky thing!!!

  2. The buns look yummy and am sure went down a treat! Your new book looks really exciting and am sure will get your creative juices flowing! Have a blessed Easter.