Sunday, 30 December 2012

Do you get cramp?

Do you suffer from cramp? I used to get terrible cramp, especially in my toes. It would wake me at night, and I didn't know whether to stand up or lie down.
Two things I have discovered will help: for immediate relief, especially cramp in the leg muscles, rub in pure essential oil of lavender. This does ease the cramp.
To prevent cramp, however, try this:

That's right, tonic water. Just one glass a day helps to prevent cramp. Apparently it is the quinine in the tonic (just 67mg/l) that does the trick.
I ran out of tonic a week or so ago, and the cramp came back.
 "If you think nobody cares whether you're alive or dead, try missing a couple of payments"

Friday, 28 December 2012

No water required!

I made these little "pot plants' after seeing some on a website. The first I made was the African Violet. I found that the pot was rather floppy, despite having a round of cardboard in the bottom, and being stuffed tightly.
When I made the first cactus, the tall one, I used a cardboard circle from the centre of a ball of crochet cotton with a circle of card taped on the bottom.
 For the others, I used a centre card cone from a cone of knitting yarn. I cut the cone into three, and taped a circle of card on the bottom. I then covered it in crochet.
I think they look rather cute, and of course, no water is required!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas 2012

My friend, the very creative Angella de Jager, gave me these lovely cards she had made, and a clever little crochet-covered pot for Christmas.

We had friends for lunch on Christmas day, and we all ended up completely stuffed!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Flowers

Yesterday we collected a whole load of hydrangeas from my friend Angella de Jager's garden. Today, we arranged them in church.

I added three agapanthus to each vase for the altar flowers

I did the outline, and Kwanele (15) filled in. She had never arranged flowers before.

Shanay (13) did this. She likes arranging flowers

Again, I did the outline, and Susan (Shany's mother) filled in. It was her first time arranging flowers.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Seven years ago I gave my god-daughter Shanay a Dachshund puppy for Christmas. Everyone says that you shouldn't give a pet for Christmas, but she has loved and looked after Caspar, and he is devoted to her.
This was them seven years ago. She was wearing a fairy outfit over jeans, and Caspar had a red ribbon around his neck.

This is Shanay and her beloved dog two years ago

One day, Shanay went to the dogs! Why she fell asleep on the dog bed, I do not know!

A dog is not just for Christmas, but for life.  May you, and your pets, have a Joyful and Blessed Christmas, and a Peaceful and Happy New Year.

Broken Sewing Machine Needles

It's so irritating when a sewing machine needle breaks! Sometimes I change the needle because it's getting blunt. However, I never throw them away, I put them in the drawer with the packs of new needles. Why? Well, if I need to hang picture (not a heavy one, mind you), a broken sewing machine needle does a great job. Just use pliers to nip off the end of the needle, so that you have the thick piece plus about a quarter inch of the thin part left.
Hammer into the wall. and there you are! Being made from steel, the needle should go into the wall quite easily.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

I picked up this interesting book today in my favourite secondd-hand bookshop. A bargain at R30.

I have two lovely little dogs, both rescued from the Dundee SPCA. The first is Oscar, he is a Jack Russsell cross, and has the sweetest nature. He is about six years old. Then there is Maggie, a pure-bred Wire-Haired Fox Terrier, or terrorist, more like it! She is a bundle of energy. We gor her just over a year go at the age of six months.
Soon after she arrived, she found she could climb fences, so I have had to have all my 1m high fences doubled in height so that she cannot escape.
Both these dogs follow me around where ever I go, they even lie down outside the bathroom when am in the shower.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I have just learned to make a 'magic ring' to start my crochet in the round projects. It is so easy. Have a look at this link, and learn how to do it:

It wasn't such a wonderful day at the Street Market; most people seemed to be more interested in buying food than buying crafts. However, we did sell a bit, and the atmosphere was great, due to the live music.
I've been browsing through my photos, and have selected a few from another hobby of mine, flower  arranging.
This I did for an Easter display

I did this for a flower festival. I took a dried spathe from a palm tree, and filled it with roses and echeveria.

Another Easter display

Sunday, 16 December 2012

I've been so busy!

There is a "Street Market" in Glencoe tomorrow, and I have been busy making things to sell on my stall.
Lots of hearts; different sizes (and prices). All the designs are unique.

Plenty of boxes, all sizes and designs. I made them all from scratch.

Here is a sample of the keyrings I shall be offering for sale

I have several of these pretty photo frames. The yarn used is Serina from Woolhogs, a 100% bamboo yarn, so very soft and in wonderful colours.

These flowe-and-button hairclips are also made from Serina

This is not for sale! I made the clock-face in cross stitich, 24sts to the inch. It features dandelions and dandelion clocks. A talented friend made the case for me.

A few more of my boxes.

I paint as well. This 1920s lady was drawn in watercolour pencils, with additional watercolour added.

Gloriosa Superba, the Flame Lily. In watercolour pencil and watercolour

Two cute kids, acrylic.