Sunday, 28 July 2013

I've been doing lots of crochet

I've been doing lots of crochet these past few weeks, getting ready for Creations at Talana Museum in October. I've already started pricing and listing the things I have made, and here are a few of them:
I have made several crochet-and-bead necklaces, all mounted on chains. I think this red one looks rather classy, with all those lovely red dangling beads. I showed it before, but not mounted in its presentation box.

This pink one has the beads worked into the crochet. I used pink pearl beads for this one.

I have made several pen pots, covered in crochet and trimmed with buttons and flowers.
I've had the yellow buttons that I put on the brown pot for ages, and have been looking for the opportunity to use them on something. I think they look rather smart.

More button-trimmed pen pots.

      I have made several sets of little crochet nesting trinket bowls.
I make them in sets of three, each a different colour.
              These ones are the smaller size, and measure about 5cm across the largest of the three.

These are bracelets, all trimmed with pretty beads, and of a size that would fit little girls. I've shown some of these before, but they look rather good when opened out.

This is a rainbow purse. Its about 17cm across the bottom. It is lined in blue felt and is closed with a purple zip to  match the outside colour of the rainbow. It could be used as a small  clutch bag.

Back to the crochet hooks and yarn!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Winter flowers and goodies for Creations

I have some pretty pansies in my garden that have put a little colour into the winter garden.

These little violas go on flowering for ages.

                          I have a lot of these miniature irises in my garden, the flowers are very "shy"
                                                           and hide among the foliage.

I have made these little bangles for Creations at Talana in October. I like making things for little girls, who can be very persuasive when they see pretty things that they like. Here's hoping the mums (and dads) will buy them for their darlings!

For the adults, I have made these necklaces. The blue one has already been sold!

Then I made this collection of four crochet coasters.
I have a green set as well, but they are not quite finished.

I think they look special tied with the pink raffia.