Saturday, 3 May 2014

Winter is on the way!

With winter on the way, I have been making kid's hats and pretty scarves for the ladies. These will be in sale at a Market at Dundee High School on 17 May 2014

Here are some samples of what I will be selling.
 Elephant Hat
 Girly pink with red flowers
 Scary Monster
 Sleepy owl
 Two tone scarf in bamboo yarn
Frilly scarf

Green bamboo with lurex

Saturday, 1 February 2014

My new workroom

When we bought our house at the end of 2003, one of the bedrooms had the oddest d├ęcor. It was painted white, but all over the walls were circles of varying sizes in dark blue. Two of the circles were almost a metre across.

This was the only picture we took of this room at the time we viewed the house.

When we moved here in 2004, my husband decided that he wanted this room as his "office". He never really used it very much, and over the years it became a dumping ground for all sort of things.

At the end of last year, I decided to put this room to good use, so with help, it was repainted in an attractive 'milk coffee' colour, and I had a new beige carpet laid. Then I hung pictures, and moved my sewing machines and their desk from the spare bedroom into this room.

So now I have an attractive workroom, with a sewing desk and table, and lots of storage space for all my craft materials.

This is my sewing corner. There is a pinboard on the right which is handy for keeping track of projects.
The cupboard on the left keeps all my materials out of sight.
I hung a lot of pictures, as I hate bare walls!

Behind my work table are bookshelves where some of my books are stored.
The cupboard on the right holds most of my needlework books.

I have a pleasant view from my window.
I think I have made a great improvement!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Bags of Bags

I've been making bags: Shopping Bags and Handbags. Here are just a few.

This lined handbag has a handy pocket, closed with a magnetic button
 Trimmed with crochet, this lined brown bag is closed with a magnetic button

In a soft sage green, trimmed with crochet and lined with green to match the crochet, the bag is closed with a magnetic buton.

This blue bag, fully lined, has pockets on the lower front and back. It closed with a magnetic button'

Blue bag, trimmed with crochet, and lined with a blue and green striped fabric. It has a magnetic button closure.

Unlined shopping bag, trimmed with blue braid.

Shoulder bag in purple, lined with purple and white striped fabric. The tab closure fastens with a magnetic button.
All my bags are for sale, at varying prices. Interested? Email me at

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Lampshade

I had this glass lampshade in my hall, and I really dislike it.

So I decided to buy a plain shade, and trim it. This is what I bought, for only R40

Being a crochet fanatic, I decided to make a crochet cover.

I used Vinnis Bamboo yarn in many colours.
What a great way to use up the odd balls!
This is the half-way stage

Finished at last, and fitted to the plain shade.
You can clearly see the beaded tassels that I put on the triangles that I worked around the bottom of the shade.

This picture more clearly shows the beaded tassels.
 In place at last!

How good it looks with the light on!
I'm really pleased with my new lampshade.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Christmas 2013

Here's hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas. Here are a few pictures of my Christmas.

 I hang this on my door every Christmas. I bought it in Norway many years ago.
 This Christmas Crib came from Bavaria. It belonged to my late in-laws, and is very old (and just a little damaged!)
This is my other Christmas Crib, It comes from Peru, and was bought from an Oxfam shop. 

Our Christmas tree is all its glory.  At night the lights shine through the window, and can be seen from the street.

 Sushi the rescued Peke, wearing his Christmas ribbon.
 This is my friend Laverne, with her Weimaraner Lincoln, getting into the festive spirit.
 My Christmas table, set with a Christmas cloth that was a present from Norway. The crystal candle lantern was a gift over thirty years ago, and has survived three moves to different countries!

 My dinner table, with the tree in the background.
I use these lovely Coalport dinner plates on special occasions, such as Christmas. The lace-edged linen napkins are a charity shop find.