Wednesday, 16 October 2013

No crafting, so I took a walk around the garden

I've not been crafting lately, probably because I wore myself out preparing for Creations at Talana! I have been having a clear out and a tidy up, though, and I also took a walk around my garden. This is what I found:

While rummaging in the garage some time ago, I found this old birdcage. I decided to put  a plant in it, and I decided on the lovely burgundy ivy geranium. It looks pretty good, I think.

I planted foxgloves last year, and now some are blooming again.

I bought an old wheelbarrow at an auction. A man said to me "You do know it's got holes in the bottom, don't you?" "Yes." I replied. "That's why I want it." So here it is, all planted up and blooming, That's Tyson in the background.

These dietes, the South African wild Iris, have blooms that last for only one day. I like them as I am fond of white flowers. It is said that when the dietes bloom, it is going to rain, So far this year they have been telling lies!

This jasmine is so rewarding. Every so often it is covered in beautiful star-shaped white flowers. They are scented, and they perfume the whole garden.
Now I moved indoors with my camera.
I love orchids, and have bought several from time to time. When they stop blooming, I put them in my dining room, and nurse them. This is the result! I now have three in full bloom.

Somehow I managed to cut the top off this one when I took the picture.

This is quite a small plant, but there are at least six flower stems coming from the main stem. It will probably stay in bloom for the next six weeks or so.