Monday, 4 March 2013

Another dog; More Art Journalling

Due to having had an intruder recently, we decided to get a big dog. We already have three small dogs, all with lots of courage. Caspar the daxie saw off the intruder, but he forgets he is only very small and thinks he is a rotweiler.
We got Tyson from the SPCA, and he has settled in really well. He loves Shanay, and the feeling is mutual. He is her 'velcro' dog, as he follows her everywhere.

 I've done two more pages in my art journal, here they are:
I've put numers (ages!) all over this page
At the moment I am making crochet Easter Bunnies - one hundred of them!  I've done over 50 so far. My friend Marilyn is going to finish them by putting on the little white tails. When we've finished, I'll photograph them, and tell you why we are making them.


1 comment:

  1. ooooo I want to see the Easter bunnies!!!
    Love your new dog - he looks a lot like my HOPE (who went to doggy heaven last year- miss her so much)
    What did you use to do your journal pages? Love them.