Saturday, 16 March 2013

Walking round my garden

I was walking around my garden this morning, and took a few pictures of what I saw.

This is a Japanese Anemone. It comes up every year at this time, and is about 1.6m tall. It gets plenty of  water, as it is in the part of the garden where the water from my shower and bath drains away.
The butterfly bush is a perennial. I just cut it back every year when it has finished flowering.

This fuchsia is called 'Pearl" and has been flowering for some months. The pot it is in was a find. It has no bottom, so we put it on a dish, and put in some broken bricks.

The Strelitzia or crane flower is the floral emblem of KwaZulu Natal.
This stag's horn fern lives on the trunk of a bottle brush tree. It is so big that I suppose I should separate it and 'plant' onto other trees.
My favourite greenery for flower arranging; it makes wonderful backgrounds and fills in gaps! It is Nandina Domestica, commonly known as Heavenly Bamboo.
I planted these aloes about five years ago, and its time to thin them out a bit. Maggie, my Wire Haired Fox Terrier follows me everywhere I go, and likes to pose for pictures!
I hope you enjoyed the walk around my garden!

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  1. loved visiting your garden. especially love the Jap anemone. My butterfly bushes always look so untidy, they grow all lanky very quickly and flop over all the time - very irritating - thinking of getting rid of them.