Friday, 15 March 2013

One hundred Easter Bunnies!

For the past few weeks, in between everything else that I have been working on, I have made one hundred Easter Bunnies! They are in many different colours, all with little white tails, and are made from Elle 100% double knit cotton.
I weighed the finished bunnies to work out the cost of materials,  and it came to R112 for the hundred, that a few cents over one rand each!
Here they are, in all their glory:

Now, you will ask, why would I want to make a hundred bunnies. Well, on 13 April, our church Ladies' Guild is hosting an Easter Bonnet Party. We held 0ne last year, and it was a great success. We invite local ladies to attend, but all must wear an Easter Bonnet, either home made (preferable) or home decorated.
We have a speaker to entertain the ladies, and our local Newspaper Editor will judge the hats. Last year he really enjoyed being the only man in a hall full of women, so we hope he will enjoy it again this year.  The winner and runner up gets a prize, and there are spot prizes, so that at least one lady on each table gets a small prize.
The Ladies' Guild provides the eats, and every lady present gets a little gift to take home. This is where the bunnies come in.
If you live in or near Dundee, you are welcome to come along. Details are in the Courier each week.


  1. How wonderful! It seems a shame to send them away , they look so brilliant together!

  2. Helen, these are fanstatic and adorable...and amazing!!! Please post us a pic on Woolhogs xxx

  3. Wow! They are gorgeous :-) Avis x