Thursday, 11 April 2013

Blanket finished, and more work in progress.

I've finished my crochet blanket at last. If you take a casual look at it, it looks as if the squares are random, but when laid out, a definite layout can be seen.

I used a palette of about twelve different colours (I didn't count them!) in different combinations
The blanket measures approximately 92 x 125cm. and is made with double knitting yarn, so it is quite heavy and cosy.

The blanket is too big to have the whole of it in a photo, but these pictures should give an idea of how it looks.
I first if all edged it in turquoise, then cream, and finished off with a yellow serrated edge.
Now for the work in progress:
This is based on the Log Cabin quilt design. I started with a four row square, then worked along one side (cream), next came the purple, then the beige, then the dark green, finally the turquoise. I'll keep on adding blocks of colours the next one will go across the beige, purple and turquoise. I'll just keep on going making bigger and bigger blocks, until the blanket is the size I want, or until I run out of yarn!

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  1. Your blanket is awesome. The new project seems like a fun change.