Friday, 6 December 2013

Fabric Handbags

I've not posted to my blog for quite some time, as I have been busy with markets.
The first was Talana Creations in late October/early November, and I did very well there.
I spent some time after that making crochet angels for the Christmas Tree at the Talana shop, as the ones I made for Creations all sold out.
Then I shared a table with my friend Marilyn at the Bon Appetit Café Market on 29 November. The day started out cold and drizzly, but warmed up in the afternoon, as did the sales. Luckily, we were in a marquee, so we didn't get wet.
Tomorrow were are again sharing a table at the Lennox Farmers' Market, and we are inside their barn.
As I bought a bargain bundle of furnishing remnants, I decided to make bags. Here they are:

This is a pretty green and beige striped fabric, lined with ecru cotton. The flap is trimmed with a beige pearl button. I bought the bamboo handle some time ago, and think it looks well on this bag.

This 'lion' bag is made in a beige fabric with ribs,, rather like corduroy, and is lined in ecru cotton. There is a flop-over tab to close the bag, weighted down with two huge beads.

I trimmed this bag with printed cotton ribbon. It is lined with cotton, and the tab is fastened with a magnetic button.

The last bag is in beige fabric has shiny bronze-coloured handles.  It is lined in Shweshwe. The flop-over tab has a large bead to weight it down.

These will all be in sale tomorrow, here's hoping it will be a good day for me!