Saturday, 9 March 2013

Latest art journal page

In a rush of inspiration, I did another page in my art journal, again using quotations that I had saved.
This took me all of ten minutes; which just goes to prove that being creative doesn't take hours!


First of all I drew the bird, then I added the pink wash, using very diluted acrylic paint.
Then I coloured the bird using water pencils, and softened by 'painting' over the pencil with a damp brush.
The flowers above the bird and the ones in front were again drawn with water pencil, and softened with a damp brush.
The hearts, music notes, bird's feet and beak, and the words were all done with felt tip pens.
The 'motto' is so true; I have learned from experience that it is best to cut from your life those who quite literally suck the happiness out of you, as they wallow in their own misery. There is no way you can change this kind of person;  I always say that they are only happy when they are miserable!

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