Thursday, 21 February 2013

Vintage Crochet Bag

Yesterday my friend Angella came to see me. She wanted me to show her how to do ripple crochet, as she was having trouble.
She picked up "my" method quickly, and is now making a cushion from her work.
While she was here, I dug out this crochet bag to show her, which I made at least forty years ago. Someone had given me the wooden handles, so I had to make a bag to fit!
Looking at it again after all these years, I see that I had used two strands of different coloured yarn for the stripes, which has given the bag a marled effect.
If I can get the handles again (I know a clever man who would probably make them for me) I would like to make this bag once more.

 You can see that each side is different. I think I made a long strip, then joined at the sides, and gathered into the brown at the top, which I sewed onto the handles. Each handle has a row of holes along the bottom.

The handles measure 22cm across at the widest part, and the bag is 30cm deep, and 45cm wide across the bottom. I had intended it as a knitting bag, but the needles kept falling out! It now sits in my craft cupboard with balls of yarn stuffed into it.

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