Saturday, 23 February 2013



I went to check on the veges in my shade house this morning. This is the shade house:

It's about 72 sq metres, and there are eight long beds/ The tree in front is a pin oak, and it is huge!
Here is a picture I took of the pin oak one autumn, just as the sun was going down:
Anyway, back to the produce! We have had a lot of beans this summer, and I have picked some almost every day. We also have loads of tomatoes. Now, these were never planted, but came out of the compost! There are some huge jam tomatoes just getting ripe, as well as the usual salad tomatoes. But what amazes me is the number of little red cherry tomatoes, and well as hundreds of pear-shaped golden tomatoes. There is one huge plant growing in one of the flower beds, and it is loaded with fruit.
Whenever I get potatoes that sprout they get planted out into the garden.
Today, as well as picking tomatoes, I dug up a few potatoes: just look at these:
So tonight we shall be eating home-grown beans and potatoes. For lunch there will be a tomato salad. I love my home-grown veges!

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  1. thanks for sharing. You are so very industrious Helen. wish I had half your energy! enjoy the fruits of your labour! :o)