Saturday, 25 May 2013

Three handbags and a cake

I have finished two more handbags, and also baked a cake!


I love this bag, and it was fun to make, as I just let my imagination run away with me! Both sides are different. It is made in cotton, and lined with blue felt, which gives body to the bag. It will offered for sale on the Woolhogs site shortly, as will my other bags.

All my bags are one-offs, so any person who buys one will know that she will never see another like it. There are no patterns, I just design as I go along.

 This is the other side of the bag, complete with a heart and some flowers.

The pink bag is quite plain, the only decoration being a little string of pink pearls at the bottom of one of the handles. It is also made from cotton, and is lined with white felt.

This is the bag I made some time ago, another cotton creation, this time lined with turquoise fabric, used double to provide body to the bag. On the other side the top band is plain white, as opposed to the small granny squares on this side.

Then I decided to bake a cake. I have made this cake dozens of times, and it gets eaten very quickly. It is called 'Hot Milk Sponge Cake', and is made by beating together eggs and sugar, adding flour and baking powder, then adding butter melted in hot milk. I have never had a failure using this recipe yet!
It doesn't keep well in my house because it gets eaten quickly, especially when my friends call!

I filled with cherry compote. I found  jar of this in the back of my pantry shelf when I was having a tidy up. The recipe suggested butter cream, but I find that it is too sweet. I prefer a jam filling with a sharp-ish tang to it Raspberry or apricot would be good as well.


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  1. so sorry I missed out on the cake - hee hee
    Love your bags - awesomeness!!!!!