Friday, 17 May 2013

Baby jackets

The past few days I've been making three baby jackets (more commissioned work!). I had found a picture on the internet that my buyer had liked, and looked for the pattern. When I found it, it was completely unusable, as the recommended yarn must have been extremely thick, as a 9mm hook was required! So I had to adapt the pattern to double knitting yarn and a 4mm hook. I cannot image a baby wearing a jacket as thick as the pattern suggested.

 I had to make the jackets in three sizes, and this is the smallest one.
I changed the colours slightly for the medium size jacket.
The large size has predominantly blue colours, with just a couple of stripes in light purple.
I'm off this afternoon to help with the church flowers. As Sunday is Pentecost, we do red flowers, to look like flames. We have been promised a lot of aloes. I'll take some pictures and put on this blog.

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  1. these are so cute Helen. well done. love the colours.