Friday, 10 May 2013

Lots of hats

I've been given a commission to make hats for small children, two each in a small size, and two each larger. Here's the result:

These are the two-tone purple owl hats. Don't you love those googly eyes!


More purple this time: little girly hats

Then we have the monsters. Weird eyes and sharp teeth, with four ears on top!


More girly hats - the blue selection

Then we have the cream girls' hats, in two different styles.
The ones at the bottom look like knitted rib, but are all crochet.


Then two that I made just for fun.


  1. Wow Helen you have been very busy! I love the owls and the monsters! Do you follow a pattern or have you created this design yourself?!Either way I would love to have it! Fab work xxx

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I don't use a pattern for the hats, but either make them similar to photos that I have seen, or just use my imagination.
      I have never been one for following patterns exactly, I always put my own twist on things. At the moment I am making baby jackets (another order) and when they are finished I shall go back to the handbags I have been making. There are never enough hours in the day!

  2. oooh I love all your hats, especially the owls

    1. Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated!