Saturday, 12 January 2013

Daily bread

As a child, I never ate shop bread, always home made. In fact, the butter was home made as well, and it was my job to churn it on a Saturday. I no longer make my own butter, although I have done so on the odd occasion, but I do make my own bread.
It is so easy to do, especially as I now have a Kenwood to do the heavy kneading! I bake once a week, and cut the big loaves in half, and freeze. Then I take out what I need.

Here's what I made this morning:

The loaf on the right is a cheese loaf; after I had filled the tins (I line with baking paper, makes it so easy to get the out of the tin) I still had a bit of dough left, so I flattened it a bit with my fingers, grated some cheese on, then sprinkled with chilli and garlic seasoning. I rolled it into a ball, and baked in a small, square tin. We ate most of it for lunch today with some homemade mushroom soup. Today is quite a bit cooler, and soup was just right for lunch.

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  1. yum!!!!! I cant tell when last I ate homemade bread. You are very industrious Helen. Cooking and baking not my strong point!