Friday, 18 January 2013

Cotton sheets

There is absolutely nothing more blissful than getting into a bed made up with pure cotton sheets and pillow cases.
My late mother-in-law was a terrible hoarder, but amongst all the rubbish that she had was some wonderful cotton bed linen. I acquired more than thirty pillowcases, as well as at least a dozen double and a dozen single cotton sheets. Some of the sheets were still wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine, and dated from the 1970s. Paper and twine, so much more classy than a plastic bag!
The sheets and pillowcases were yellowed from having been stored, but a good wash and a few hours in the South African sun soon cured that.

I changed the bed today, putting on fresh sheets and pillow cases. It would appear that Maggie and Oscar like them as well! The duvet cover is one that I made, from remnants of pale pink and cream percale. It was in strips about 30-35cm in width, whuch I sewed together to make a broadly striped cover.

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  1. My mom has two single 100% cotton sheets and 4 pillow cases. - its as if they last forever. what a difference it is to have them on your bed as compared to polycotton blends. wish I could afford cotton sheets for my queen size bed!!! (Egyptian cotton!) :o)