Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Lemons and Limes

Some years ago we planted a West Indian Lime tree, to accompany the lemon tree and the two orange trees that we have.
This year, we had a fair crop of limes, and to my amazement, a crop of lemons on the same tree! I can only assume that the lime was grafted into a lemon stock, and the lemon sent out shoots.
As the lemon tree has not a single fruit on it this year, these lemons are really welcome.

This lime will soon be ready to pick.

A couple of the lemons on the "lime" tree.

More lemons.
I found a wonderful recipe for "Lemon Meringue Pudding" in Julie Goodwin's book. The recipe was from her mother in law, and is simply a lemon meringue pie without the pastry.
I admit I would never have thought of that! I now make this regularly, as it is so quick. There is no need to make and bake a pasty case, just a lemon custard topped with meringue.

The is the cover of Julie's book. It's full of wonderful family-style recipes.
I like to make lime ice cream. I add the rind and zest of three limes to my usual ice cream mix of a can of condensed milk, 1/2 litre cream, and 1/2 litre ready-made custard. Mix well, and churn in an ice cream maker until thick. It has a subtle, sweet-sour taste and has become one of our favourite ice cream flavours.
If you don't have an ice cream maker, it's worth the investment (about R500). You will find that home made ice cream is really delicious, plus you know exactly what went into it!
I have this bowl of lemons and limes in my kitchen, just waiting for me to make some goodies!

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  1. how awesome to have a tree that gives you two different fruits! amazing. I love lemon merinque pie. I must make one soon- Mine is made with condensmilk and is really rich and creamy. my favourite pie!