Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Winter flowers and goodies for Creations

I have some pretty pansies in my garden that have put a little colour into the winter garden.

These little violas go on flowering for ages.

                          I have a lot of these miniature irises in my garden, the flowers are very "shy"
                                                           and hide among the foliage.

I have made these little bangles for Creations at Talana in October. I like making things for little girls, who can be very persuasive when they see pretty things that they like. Here's hoping the mums (and dads) will buy them for their darlings!

For the adults, I have made these necklaces. The blue one has already been sold!

Then I made this collection of four crochet coasters.
I have a green set as well, but they are not quite finished.

I think they look special tied with the pink raffia.

1 comment:

  1. Really love the bracelets- very pretty. Hope they sell well. Like the yarn you used for the coasters. Your pansies look brite and happy.