Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hats for winter, and a cactus garden!

With the weather being so cold, I decided to make some warm hats. I hope to be able to sell these at the Flea Market to be held at "Munchies" in Glencoe on Monday next. Red is such a lovely colour for winter, just looking at it makes me feel warm.
Don't you like my model? She is my god-daughter Shanay. I love this purple, another warm colour.

Beige is not so warm, but then not every one likes bright colours.

I posted a picture of the first few cactus plants that I had crocheted, now I have made a whole garden of them! These are for Creations at Talana in October.

Back to the crochet hook!

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  1. really love the red hat- gorgeous. The cactus's look so good altogether like that! You amaze me with your industriousness!!!