Sunday, 16 December 2012

I've been so busy!

There is a "Street Market" in Glencoe tomorrow, and I have been busy making things to sell on my stall.
Lots of hearts; different sizes (and prices). All the designs are unique.

Plenty of boxes, all sizes and designs. I made them all from scratch.

Here is a sample of the keyrings I shall be offering for sale

I have several of these pretty photo frames. The yarn used is Serina from Woolhogs, a 100% bamboo yarn, so very soft and in wonderful colours.

These flowe-and-button hairclips are also made from Serina

This is not for sale! I made the clock-face in cross stitich, 24sts to the inch. It features dandelions and dandelion clocks. A talented friend made the case for me.

A few more of my boxes.

I paint as well. This 1920s lady was drawn in watercolour pencils, with additional watercolour added.

Gloriosa Superba, the Flame Lily. In watercolour pencil and watercolour

Two cute kids, acrylic.


  1. Helen, thank you for sharing your blog. You are incredibly creative, talented and have an "eye" for pretty things! I can't believe you have so many gifts! Good luck for your market and KEEP BLOGGING!!!

  2. AWESOME Helen. So glad you have started a blog! Cant wait to read up on all your creations in the future! Your blog design is so attractive- love it! Also love the name you have chosen for your blog. Best of luck for the market today. Hope to see you there!
    much love