Tuesday, 18 December 2012

It wasn't such a wonderful day at the Street Market; most people seemed to be more interested in buying food than buying crafts. However, we did sell a bit, and the atmosphere was great, due to the live music.
I've been browsing through my photos, and have selected a few from another hobby of mine, flower  arranging.
This I did for an Easter display

I did this for a flower festival. I took a dried spathe from a palm tree, and filled it with roses and echeveria.

Another Easter display

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  1. The palm tree thingamabob arrangement is absolutely awesome. I also love the Easter arrangement with the cross. I have found lately that craft market/fairs are a bit of a bust- people just go to buy food. I "spoke" to a blogger in USA the other day who says they are finding the same thing. Pity! we'll have to come up with new ideas for selling our crafts I think.