Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Christmas 2013

Here's hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas. Here are a few pictures of my Christmas.

 I hang this on my door every Christmas. I bought it in Norway many years ago.
 This Christmas Crib came from Bavaria. It belonged to my late in-laws, and is very old (and just a little damaged!)
This is my other Christmas Crib, It comes from Peru, and was bought from an Oxfam shop. 

Our Christmas tree is all its glory.  At night the lights shine through the window, and can be seen from the street.

 Sushi the rescued Peke, wearing his Christmas ribbon.
 This is my friend Laverne, with her Weimaraner Lincoln, getting into the festive spirit.
 My Christmas table, set with a Christmas cloth that was a present from Norway. The crystal candle lantern was a gift over thirty years ago, and has survived three moves to different countries!

 My dinner table, with the tree in the background.
I use these lovely Coalport dinner plates on special occasions, such as Christmas. The lace-edged linen napkins are a charity shop find.

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  1. wow, thanks for sharing Helen. what an interesting blogpost!! I love the nativity set from Peru .