Monday, 26 August 2013

Baby blankets and orchids

I've been making baby blankets to sell at Talana Creations, and I am pleased with the result. They are big enough to use as a pram cover, or to wrap up  a small baby.

The blankets are made from fleece, with crochet edgings.

This mauve blanket with butterflies is very pretty.

I love the colours on the border of the green blanket: Cream, yellow, light green and a green that matches the fleece.

The variegated border on the spotted blanket reflects the colour of the spots.

A few years ago I bough this cymbidium orchid, and now it has flowered again.

It has six trusses of flowers.

The pinks and purples are so pretty. It started flowering about a month ago, and will probably last at least another six weeks. That's the joy of orchids!

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  1. Creative Granny, hi. i like the purple spotted blanket. may I know what is the fabric material for that. thanks.